Basement - Wine Cellar / Change Room / Ante Room

Each of these rooms is a little gem on its own.
Extreme love to detail and no limitation to expenses make them equally as beautiful as all the other major rooms in the basement.

The small wine cellar with its blue metallic painted walls and a breath taking chandelier is stocked with the finest South African wines.

The 18 sqm Change room facility- which is close to the access to the outside swimming pool – with its blue Moroccan stucco walls and an Indian blue and gold marble inlay floor includes a connecting Sauna,Shower room and separate WC. 

The 32 sqm Ante Room – located between cinema and gym –is entered from the basement stair hall through a ancient Indian double door. Its ceiling is covered with led lighted stars, the mysterious 3D Franck Tassi artefact “ The Angel Gabriel “ is recessed into one of the walls, dark red stucco is covering all walls while beautiful artistic wall lamps with colourful shades give mysterious light to this Moroccan ambience being influenced by the stories of “1001 nights”.

All electric and electronic functions of these room – as in any other room – are controlled via the IPAD recessed into the wall of each room. This includes not only different light mood settings for all lamps in the entire room and the playing of music, but also the control of the Air Condition (invisible and extremely silent), the alarm and under floor heating.

The PBX Phone system connects with the push of a single button to all employees working on the property via wireless phones and all rooms and outside areas can be reached by simply pressing the requested extension