Ground Floor - Stair Hall

The Entrance hall, all ground floor lobbies as well as the stair hall ( basement/ground floor and first floor ) is covered with beautiful untreated travantino tiles from turkey giving the feeling of entering an old roman palace. An artist from Spain has worked with a team of 8 people for 1 year on all walls in the common areas applying and old technique from Morocco which creates the appearing of old marble walls in the entire stair hall.

The technique used is extremely time intensive and can be best compared with venetian stucco. While venetian stucco is a modern version of this ancient Moroccan technique it cannot compete with the beauty of this artistic approach. These walls in the stair hall and lobbies seem to exist for hundreds of years while these have just been completed in 2012.

The entrance hall, lobby and stair hall have old chandeliers from Cuba and  a magnificent dome crowns the stair hall. The dome is indirectly illuminated during the day but as soon as the evening comes the light switches to thousands of moving star lights which are recessed into the domes paintwork inspired by images of the Universe from world famous scientist, Stephen Hawkins. Artists have worked for 8 months on this ceiling and as soon as the LED stars are illuminated at night a feeling of magic fills the entire residence.

All lights in the stair halls are controlled by normal switches as well as via the IPADs which are located in the Entrance Hall, South Ground lobby, basement lobby and First Floor West and East Lobby. The IPADS are built into the walls and can be operated in the wall but  also can be released on a push of a button from their docking stations.