Basement - Staff Areas and Garage

The staff area is extremely spacious and contains not only a kitchen,laundry, dining area and workplaces but also 2 toilets and a separate changing room facility and shower.

Within the staff area is also a large coldroom, wash machines and dryers, computer and printer, TV and DVD, and access to the residence automation room (which stores the brain behind the technology of the mansion).Electric and electronic functions in this area are controlled via the IPAD. 

This includes the control of all lights, the Air Condition,the alarm and under floor heating. 

Intercom in this area connects visually with any arrival on the 4 main gates of the property.

Service required by guests in the master bedroom as well as the three guest bed room suites are visible in the staff kitchen by illuminated green and red buttons which indicate to service personnel which room wants service or which room should not be disturbed.The PBX Phone system in this area can receive calls from guests and connects on the push of a single button to all employees working on the property via wireless phones. All rooms and outside areas can be reached by simply pressing the requested extension.

The 6 car garage with more than 200 sqm has access to the main stair hall entry and can be accessed via the residence own elevator.