Ground Floor - Reception Room

On the west side of the residence facing the Atlantic ocean sits the eclectic, elegant and at the same time extremely cosy reception room.

A turquoise /gold fabric from Designers Guild is serving as wall paper. A most exquisite light pink Iranian Tabriz carpet (Essie London) covers the untreated old wood planks from Indonesia. High ceilings with huge golden pelmets with Designers Guild Curtains in pink and gold, big natural palm tree in antique flower pot are giving that “Casablanca and being in Cuba “ feeling .

 A mix of antique eclectic couches and ottomans as well as modern lounge chairs with the most amazing fabrics and colours makes the reception room a feast for the eyes. Antique Louis XIV mirror,a “table de jeux “ and exquisite chandelier -floor and table lamps which all have been handmade in California for the Enigma Mansion and are as unique as the rest of the room.Three double doors on the west and south side are leading to west and south terrace which are furnished with lounges and couches in the style of THE GREAT GATSBY.

On the north side the reception room leads through a big opening of hand carved wood surrounds  to the west lobby which faces to the dining room.

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