Ground Floor - Media Room

The opulent 28 sqm media room with high ceilings,old Indonesian wooden floor and hand carved cornices is the place for creating music and artistic videos, It is located on the north/east corner of the residence with views over the courtyard and its fountain and alcoves as well as the north lawn with views of Lions Head and the garden.

A latest generation Loewe TV with Blu Ray Player, Apple Mac Computer, Fax, Scanner, Printer, PBX Phone system,CD Changer and CD burner are essential parts of this room.

Superb dark wall fabrics and curtains frame this luxurious room which is decorated with antique carpet and couches, Louis IV chairs, a coffee table, beautiful original art,antique one of a kind chandeliers and floor lamps, 2 hand carved book cases which store a huge selection of DVDs and Music CDs. However the largest music and Video selection comes over the residences own 4 servers where a selection from 100 000 s of music titles, artists and playlists of any genre and compilation can be chosen to play in this room, on the ground floor or even the entire residence just by pushing the selected choice on the IPAD screen.

The in-house Kaleidescape movie server system allows to choose via IPAD from 1000 s of stored movies and TV series (some of the most famous TV series include all episodes of all seasons ever produced) and is available via IPAD on the push of a button in any major room of the house as well as the CINEMA. Apple TV is available in every major room as well as a music visualization program that transforms the current music playing into billions of colours and visual effects.

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