Basement - Massage Room

35 sqm to sooth your senses.  
Tranquil, sensual, peaceful, erotic and mysterious.Copper painted brick walls, low rounded gilded ceilings, incredible erotic art from  the famous Czech artist, dark lighting, a mysterious artefact from Franck Tassie in the middle of the room and the 2 most beautiful golden massage tables you have ever seen.

Book Nurjan – the most gifted massage therapist we have ever experienced for 2 hours and then choose from the IPAD the compilation “DREAM MASSAGE“.

Now you are ready to enter a different world. Nurja's massage and the truly most beautiful selection of sensual music together with the smell of exotic perfume candles, mysterious lights and the incredible seductive  atmosphere of this room will carry you away.

All electric and electronic functions of this room – as in any other room – are controlled via an IPAD. This includes not only different mood settings for all lamps in the entire room as well as music choice from the house's 4 different music servers, control of the Air Condition (invisible and extremely silent)   and under floor heating.

The Phone system in this room – as in any other major room - connects on the push of a single button to all employees working on the property via wireless phones and all rooms and outside areas can be reached by simply pressing the requested extension.

Every phone in the entire residence has a DO NOT DISTURB button which ensures the privacy of the guest will not be disturbed by unwanted incoming phone calls.