Ground Floor - Living Room

More than 60 sqm of pure luxury and elegance are combined in the living room. The perfect setting for any fashion or beauty photo shoot. With access from the main stair hall as well as from the reception room the living room has 3 huge double doors opening towards the south terrace which sits in front of the tropical pond with views of the 12 Apostles behind the banana trees which are covering the border of the property.

The world's largest Panasonic TV is recessed in one of the walls and 8 large recessed loudspeakers are filling this room with the most perfect sound experience.

While many rooms in the residence are eclectic and have understated elegance this room is not afraid to show luxury. A antique wall panel from Argentina was used to inspire artists in Bali to create the most amazing cornice which is framing the ceiling painted by local artists Ilaria and the result is pure beauty. Michelangelo could not have done a better job hundreds of years ago. The walls are covered by fabric from Designers Guild with a pink/gold motive while the curtains are in turquoise/ pink with the same motive. Gilded pelmets are framing the curtains and a 600 x 400 cm most expensive and fine Persian Tabriz carpet covers the old wood floor from Indonesia.

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