The Bathrooms - Ladies Master Bathroom and Shower

The master bathrooms are as unique and stunning as the bedroom.The ladies master bathroom and shower is situated on the bedroom part of the suite while the gentlemen's master bathroom with connecting shower is connect to the living room part of the suite.

Travantino floor with under floor heating and marble inlays from India as well as white Moroccan stucco in all bathrooms and showers. Painted ceilings and cornices, stunning wall lamps and chandeliers, huge Jacuzzi bathtubs (square in the gentlemen's bathroom and round in the ladies bathroom ) access to balconies with tables and chairs, all windows and doors have the most amazing views of Lions Head , Atlantic ocean or Twelve Apostles, pure golden sinks, hand build wash tables in Bali with motives from Louis XIV, Carlucci curtains with elephant finials, sheers from Zuber in Paris, into the walls recessed TVs across the bathtubs ( which act as mirrors if switched off ), build in high end ceiling loudspeakers ,old English taps, mirrors with flower frames which in itself are more piece of art than mirrors and so on ……….. The under floor heating makes these bathrooms and showers – as any other bathroom in the residence –warm and cosy during winter while the silent AC gets them very cold within minutes during summer.

The ladies master shower has the most rare light blue marble on the wall while in the gentlemen's shower stunning marble from Afghanistan is green and because the marble is transparent and indirectly lighted from the back this gives the shower a unbelievable light effect.

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