Basement - Gym and Dance Room

45 sqm have been allocated for the gym,dance and gymnastic rooms.
In the dance/gymnastic room 2 walls are silver stucco and the other walls are fully mirrored.4 speakers powered by the residences huge amplifiers give the sound for any dance workout while watching either music videos on the 21:9 3D Cinema screen or choosing the computer generated visualization program via the IPAD.

There is an access point -as in any other major room - for the guests IPAD to play via the residence sound system. A Blu Ray Player allows to play any DVD as well as having access to all DSTV satellite channels or the residence's own movie and music servers.

The centre of the adjoining gym room with dark red stucco on the wall and blue ceiling light cubes is a silver KINETICS exercise machine (Techno gym) which combines in one machine most exercise routines while being a piece of art itself.

The Techno gym cross trainer with integrated TV stands in front of a recessed TV so that the latest financial news can be watched t on the cross trainer TV while at the same time any other music channel can be played on the big screen with the sound playing from the gyms wall speakers.

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