The Bathrooms - Guestsuite 2 Bathroom

This bathroom has its own balcony to the north where breakfast or lunch can be served while enjoying the view on Lions Head and the ocean. The bathroom walls are all Moroccan stucco while the floor is covered with ancient travantino interrupted with hand painted tiles. Beautiful art from a famous painter from the Czech Republic combined with original bathtubs, sinks and toilets from Lefroy Brooks, pink and gold curtains from Designer Guild hanging over gilded poles with elephant finials, silver sheers with ornaments from Zuber in Paris. The under floor heating makes the bathroom – as any other bathroom in the residence –warm and cosy during winter while the silent AC gets the bathroom very cold within minutes during summer.

All electric and electronic functions of this bathroom – as in any other room – are controlled via the IPAD .This includes not only different mood settings for all lamps in the entire room as well as music choice from the house own 4 different music servers ,CD Changer or Guest IPOD, but also the control of the Air Condition ( invisible and extremely silent ) , the activation/deactivation of alarm, the monitoring of 36 security cameras ,the controlling of under floor heating.The PBX phone system in this room –as in any other major room- connects on the push of a single button to all employees working on the property via wireless phones and all rooms and outside areas can be reached by simply pressing the requested extension.