First Floor - Guest Suite 3

The 48 sqm Guest bed room suite 3 with an ensuite bathroom lays close to the elevator on the first floor with access to the first floor east lobby and has views on Table Mountain and the 12 apostles.

Some impressions:Fully gilded Louis XIV doors with handles, hinges and plates made in Argentina, beautiful couch in dark red and an incredible ottoman serving as a coffee table, striking blue and gold Zuber Wall paper with classical ornaments, little balcony overlooking the courtyard and the fountain, a Persian silky carpets in pink colours, hand painted ceiling showing the sky over Africa, hand carved spacious closets, gilded oriental cornices, stunning antique chandelier with handmade shades from California, a luxurious French fully gilded bed with Carlucci day cover, bed linen from Italy and light weighted duvet from Germany, soothing Carlucci Curtains hanging from gilded poles with elephant finials and a golden working desk in front of the window.

The connecting bathroom is the most special in the entire residence.A fully gilded hand carved double sliding window sitting above the bathtub opens towards the bedroom and transforms the spaces into one single room. Venetian stucco on the walls, painted ceiling framed with classical cornices and a beautiful chandelier made by Californian artists are creating a sensual ambience.