First Floor - Guest Suite 2

The guest bedroom suite 2 with its own lobby and ensuite bathroom stretches over 52 sqm and is situated across the elevator in the east lobby of the first floor.

This bedroom with dark red Zuber Wall paper is the most sensual room in the residence.Two silk Persian carpets in mysterious colours partly covers the dark wooden floor from Bali, incredible eclectic paintings from Francois Correns “Adult Movie“ and “The Tiger“ on the walls, luxurious bed and standing lamps with heavy exquisite lamp shades, fully hand carved gilded Louis XIV doors with handles, hinges and plates made in Argentina, beautiful couch in a striking dark blue colour, hand painted ceiling showing the evening sky over the ocean, hand carved spacious closets, gilded oriental cornices, fancy eclectic chandelier, a beautiful French bed with Carlucci Cover and bed linen from Italy and light weighted duvet ,dark Carlucci Curtains hanging from gilded poles with elephant finials and a cosy armchair for reading.