Ground Floor - Dining Room

Situated on the west side of the residence the 30 sqm dining room overlooks the west terrace with lounge chairs and view of the gardens and the atlantic ocean.

On the north side double doors lead to the dining room outside terrace for 12 people situated under a beautiful pergola with view over the pool, the atlantic ocean and Lions Head.An eclectic mix of furniture and decorations : a huge very old white dining table, plush chairs, most expensive candle holders  unique wall lamps and chandelier, antique hand printed golden wall paper (from Zuber Paris), high ceilings, gilded pelmets and Carlucci curtains.

The ceiling is painted by Spanish artist Romero with motives from the time of Louis XIV and the most amazing cornices hand carved in Bali are framing his work. The art on the wall are original paintings by Francois Correns (Naked Lunch) and Michael J. Fitzgerald (La Belle Epoque) combined with an illuminated animation from the famous Belgian artist Franck Tassi. (Quatre pas dans les étoiles)   His animations (3 of them throughout the residence) can not be described but must be seen to understand their beauty and the mysterious story they tell.

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