Ultimate Luxury - 2

All chandeliers and wall lamps are either antique or handmade pieces and they all are one of a kind. But that's not all, shades for the whole of this floor – table – and wall lamps as well as the chandeliers have been made to order by an artist in California and these shades are again true pieces of art in itself. They create a light of magic all over the residence especially if combined with the light mood settings chosen via the IPAD.

Stone walls have been covered with an ancient technique from morocco which is similar to venetian stucco and being so work intensive it can rarely be seen anywhere in the world today. ENIGMA Mansion has chosen it as it gives the closest feeling to hundred year old ancient marble walls while just being completed.

The carpets in the house are the most exquisite Persian Tabriz acquired from ESSIE in London who is considered the world's leading carpet expert.

The residence’s 3 fireplaces originate from old English castles, the columns in the lobbies and stair halls are from Indian palaces, the surrounds in the movie theatre come from a Moroccan palace and even the kitchen islands have been imported from France to achieve the special ambience only an original can deliver.Luxury combined with impeccable taste has created a one of a kind property which is unsurpassed in this part of the world.