Ultimate Luxury - 3

The graceful statue in the West lobby on the ground floor is an extremely fine and beautiful Classical white Carrara marble statue of THE GREEK SLAVE by Scipione Tadolini (Rome, 1860) portraying a life size figure of a female slave wearing a necklace inscribed in Greece  “elpis” (hope) and on her bracelet “pistotes” (fidelity), a turban headdress and drapery around one shoulder continuing  across her back and loins and falling over a pedestal under which are chains. This is most likely the most beautiful piece of art of its kind.

The 3D Cinema is another example of how effortless style, luxury and extreme comfort have been combined all in one property.Only on the music/electronic system which is fully integrated in every room of the house more than 10 Million Rand have been spent to give you an experience of your sense like never before.7 years  of planning and buidling went into the property with the idea in mind to provide the most unique experience of style and luxury in a setting of uncomparable beauty.

Whoever  has the ability to afford and  to be able to experience this property will agree that there is nothing the ENIGMA MANSION can be compared to.