Experience Enigma Mansion - The Cinema - 2

“By living in the worlds grandest hotels and private residences we have never seen anything like this Something like this movie theatre most likely will not exist anywhere else in the world”.

Use the CINEMA for a sensual party where the screen is used for the computer generated visualization of the music which has been chosen from the ENIGMA RESIDENCE music playlists. This is better than any drug. In this room you will be carried away from reality.Words and photos can't describe the ambience being in this cinema as it must be felt and not just seen on photos. The photos in this case don’t do justice to the seductive atmosphere of this room.

The walls of the entire cinema are framed by arches from a Moroccan palace. Behind the arches the walls are covered with motives of movie stars and scenes of French cabarets done by artist Michael J Fitzgerald. Truly unique wall lamps with beautiful shades give the sensual dark lights you may only find in an exclusive cabaret in Paris.Antique, eclectic, modern but most of all cosy couches, lounges and roman daybeds in deep red and green colours are placed randomly on the thick red carpet. Every couch is the best place in the house to view a 3D movie.

The 3D Projector is released from the ceiling on the push of a button on the IPAD and the Cinema Curtains in deep metallic blue(Gaggio,Italy)opens automatically while the curtain at the entry to the cinema closes automatically if the movie is starting to play. The highest end speakers, subwoofers and surround system is a given but what really makes the experience so different is the atmosphere in the room.

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