Technology - 2

f) Music visualization Images – a computer program which transforms the selected music into millions of colours and animations on the screen in all rooms of the residence.
g) Opening and closing of Cinema screen curtains or other functions for specific TVs like the motorise lifting of TVs screen into the ceiling of a room etc.   

Activating and controlling AC in the same room
Activating and controlling Under Floor Heating in the same Room
Activating Gas fire places
Shut down security shutters in Panic Room to close off master bed room suite from any outside access

Some IPADs in key areas like entrance hall or Master bedroom can perform the following functions in addition :
Activating and monitoring the Alarm system
Monitoring 36 security cameras throughout the entire property
Controlling the light mood settings of entire floors or entire house
Controlling the music and video playing on entire floor or entire house 
Control music and light for all outside areas including pool 

IPADS in key areas are programmed to make pre assigned light mood settings available throughout the entire house. These settings can easily be chosen by selecting areas and moods and then on the push of a button all lamps in the chosen area ( up to the entire house including all outside areas) go into this lighting mood.