Ground Floor - Stair Hall - 2

IPADS are programmed to make pre assigned light mood settings easily available. These settings  can easily be chosen by selecting areas and moods and then with the push of a button all lamps in the chosen area (up to the entire house including all outside areas) go into this lighting mood. Some mood settings also include the automatic switching on/off of fireplaces in certain rooms, activation/deactivation of water features at the pool or illumination and activating of the fountains at the courtyard, as well as switching off/on of animations (from a famous French artists which had been build and recessed into the walls in the basement and the ground floors), automatic opening of the CINEMAs curtains or releasing TVs which are build into the ceiling of rooms.

Music and Video pre assigned settings can be accessed via one button on the IPAD. It is for example possible to play the chosen playlist in all rooms in the entire house and activate at the same time all TVs in the entire house to play the visualization programs. All these functions are just as far away as the nearest IPAD and it makes living extremely easy and convenient.

It is also very easy to shut off all lights and music in and around the entire house. From one of the IPADS which are in key areas like master bedroom or Entrance Hall the function to shut off all lights and electronics in the entire house is available.