Ground Floor - Reception Room - 2

In this west lobby facing the terrace as well as reception and dining room stands gracefully an extremely fine and beautiful Classical white Carrara marble statue of THE GREEK SLAVE by Scipione Tadolini ( Rome, 1860 ) portraying a life size figure of a female slave wearing a necklace inscribed in Greece “elpis”( hope) and on her bracelet “ pistotes” ( fidelity ), a turban headdress and drapery around one shoulder continuing across her back and loins and falling over a pedestal under which are chains . This is most likely the most beautiful piece of art of its kind.

This piece of art can already be seen by entering the residence through the entrance hall. The statue is centred on the middle line of the residence with straight view throughout all the lobbies and entire stair hall to the west terrace and huge native tree and the Indian ocean. 

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