Privacy and Security - 2

All operating cameras are recording to a secure storage facility 24 hours a day and store these recordings for months or until it is requested to delete them.

Any alarm triggered by the electric fence or outside beams results for all inside and outside lights in the residence to go on for 30 minutes and for armed guards from ADT to show up within 2 minutes.

Panic buttons in each room are directly connected to immediate armed response with ADT Security. 16 security guards are patrolling 24 hours a day the triangle of 3 streets in which the ENIGMA MANSION is located in the middle. A security guard passes the premises every 15 minutes and is activating a contact to ensure that no patrol is missed. 

In the Master suite pressing of a panic button not only alarms ADT but also shuts down all access points to the Master suite with metal shutters so that nobody from the outside is able to enter this "PANIC ROOM ". 

In addition there is a security house on the property which has access to all video cameras on the property if additional security would be wanted or if the guests bring their own security team. 

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