First Floor - Master Suite - 3

While being beautiful, the master suite has been designed to serve as a panic room and the pressing of one button releases without any noise metal shutters on all entry points making the room 100% safe from any intruder.Red panic buttons are in the master suite as in any other room of the residence part of the light switch panels for controlling the lights and they alert armed guards who will be on the property within 2 minutes.

The suite has state of the art technology: Massive high end speakers have been recessed into the west wall, The 3D Cinema (21:9) Widescreen which is recessed into the ceiling of the room in front of the bed is controlled by the IPAD the TV is released from the ceiling and brought down to eye level if any TV or Video program is chosen. If the TV is shut off it is automatically lifted up and recesses completely into the ceiling.

The living room part of the suite has a 3D Samsung TV of the latest generation with surround system.A 3D Blu Ray Player is connected to both TVs in the living and bedroom part of the master bedroom suite. As in all other rooms the main source for watching movies is the in-house Kaleidescape movie system. It allows to choose via IPAD from 1000's of stored movies and TV series (some of the most famous TV series include all episodes of all seasons ever produced) and is available via IPAD on the push of a button in all major rooms of the house as well as in the CINEMA. Beside DSTV and Satellite TV Apple TV is available as well as a music visualization program that transforms the current music playing into billions of colours and visual effects.