First Floor - Guest Suite 3 - 3

There is a docking station for the guest own IPOD so that music from this device can be played via the rooms music system and speakers.The entire residence and all outside areas is covered with a 100% stable CISCO network and all laptops/IPDAS can be connected via WIFI with maximum speed throughout the property.
All electric and electronic functions of this room – as in any other room – are controlled via the IPAD in this room.

This includes not only different mood settings for all lamps in the entire room as well as music choice from the house own 4 different music servers, CD Changer or Guest IPOD, but also the control of the Air Condition (invisible and extremely silent), the activation/deactivation of alarm, the monitoring of 36 security cameras, the controlling of under floor heating as well as controlling of all TV, DSTV Satellite, Apple TV,Video and Movie library, Blu Ray Player functions and the activation of a special computer driven program which is visualizing any music playing anywhere in the residence on all TVs and screens on just the push of a button of the IPAD.

An experience which especially in the evening hours and at night makes the entire residence a place to let all your senses drift awayThe Phone system in this room – as in any other major room - connects on the push of a single button to all employees working on the property via wireless phones and all rooms and outside areas can be reached by simply pressing the requested extension.