THE ENIGMA MANSION has used the latest available technology and available software as well as customized programming to ensure the use of all technology in the entire property is effortless and easy while 100% reliable. 

It took 2 years of planning, testing and reprogramming to bring the system into its final current state. The key for all controls is the IPAD which is recessed into the wall of each major room and which can be released from its docking station by the push of a button and then used at any point in the same room.

The IPAD can be used for the following functions:
Control of all lights in the same room by selecting 5 different mood settings
Control of animations in the same room 
Selecting and control of music to play from 4 different servers and 100 000's of titles, artists and playlists
Operating the TV in the same room and control the functions of selecting 
a) DSTV satellite channels
b) Apple TV
c) Kaleidescape Movie Server with 1000 s of stored movies and TV series ( most famous TV series contain all episodes of all seasons ) 
d) Blu Ray 3D Players in the same room
e) IPOD (Guests personal  IPOD  to be plugged in the same room and played via the music system )