Privacy and Security

There is a electronic DO NOT DISTURB button and MAKE UP THE ROOM button at each bed room. This system is connected to the staff and kitchen area for immediate attention and also is visualized on the outside of each suite for complete privacy.

All phones have a DO NOT DISTURB BUTTON disabling any calls to the room when this button is pressed. Intercoms in all rooms can be disabled from ringing to not accept any disturbance from visitors.

The property's 9 full time staff is trained to be invisible and to only operate in areas which are not used by the guest. All of them are deeply honest and hard working people and there is no risk of any theft by employees.

The manager is always available either over the house system or his cell phone in order to ensure 100 % privacy at all times according to the wishes of the guest.

There are electronic safes in each guest bedroom.36 cameras are monitoring the entire property at all times as well as the major rooms in the residence. For privacy there are no cameras in the guest bedrooms 2 and 3, while cameras in the master bed room and guest bedroom - which is adjoining to the master bedroom and can be used as children's room-can be fully disabled by the guest.

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