For your Leisure

The ENIGMA MANSION has any possible luxury feature and includes even its own huge Cinema as well as a sound and video system in the entire residence which is unsurpassed in South Africa.

The ENIGMA MANSION has designated the entire basement of the mansion for entertainment: 75 square meter Fantasy Movie theater with 3 D Projection system,access to 5000 individual movies via the most advanced Video library system (Called Kaleidascape) and the most advance Dolby Surround System.

The cinema and the 3D / 21:9 CINEMA Screens in all bed and most other rooms are just one of the features the ENIGMA MANSION offers. Others are:

Maroccan style Massage rooms, a Wine cellar ( to be fitted ), Sauna, Gym with TV, Gymnastic and dance, room with TV and dolby surround system, Anteroom for relaxation, Music Room, Most luxurious outside pool, Tea temple, Massage Temple, Artists Atelier, Tropical natural Pond, 6000 sqm Park and gardens, Al fresco Dining on the Dining Room Terrace, Afternoon tea on the South or West terrace underneath the indian columns.